"An interview with an Electric Slug, by that of the Same."

As my eyes drifted open, I looked into my reflection in the window, and realized that I am in a small pub where I had arranged to meet myself, "Captain Figment," the main percussionist of "The Electric Slugs." The pub, located in the University City section of Philadelphia, is on the border to what one would refer to as "no man's land." If one ventured a block too far to the west, one may not return intact. Nonetheless, this pub is fulfilling on the points of fine British ales, and fine American women. Anyway, I should explain about meeting myself. Explanation: you are never alone with a schizophrenic. As I gathered my stray fragments of imagination, I attempted to envision exactly how I wanted to interview myself. Since I couldn't decide, I proceeded with caution.

Inter-slug: So tell me, how did "The Electric Slugs" form?

Figment: Well, ummmm... oh yes, we formed in the basement.

Inter-slug: In the basement??? Ah, I guess you mean that you were like a garage band?

Figment: Did I mention any fugging garage? No, I said the basement!!!

Inter-slug: Ok, ok, so you were a basement band?

Figment: No I said we formed in the basement, not that we were a basement band.

Inter-slug: Well, I'm sick of arguing with myself, so why don't you just tell me about the formation of "The Electric Slugs?"

Figment: As I was sayin', my brother, C. Moore, and I used to jam with various individuals in the basement of a small house in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, never playin' the same song twice. That's when the band first got its name, the "Electric Slugs." You see, there used to be these giant slimy slugs out in the back yard, and we used to like lookin' at them (and sometimes salting them.) Well anyway, that's about when Bob came into the picture, with the slimey slugs.

At this time C. Moore was strictly on keyboards, Bob was on bass guitar, and I don't know what the hell I was doin', I just don't quite remember, but I've been told that Bob was on bass and C. Moore on keyboards. Oh yes, that's about the time I began drummin'. Well after that, a period of about five years blurs together, but the end result includes a guitar player known as Wally. Also, Louman is on percussion sometimes when I can't drag my ass outa' bed, but we haven't heard from Louman lately. Of course, many jam sessions have a random gathering of friends.

Inter-slug: Very interesting, so tell me about the new album.

Figment: What about it?

Inter-slug: Some of the songs.

Figment: What songs?

Inter-slug: The songs on your album "Join the Slugfest" by "The Electric Slugs."

Figment: Huh, oh yea...... well my favorite is "Screamin' for Your Love." (.42M) I like it because I really jam, and the whole song just really clicked with the other slugs during the whole creation. You see, a lot of people forget when they are listening to our music that the songs we are playin' weren't rehearsed or even written. All the fuggin' songs are flowin' from our souls as we're groovin' live. Well anyways, I had a good time playin' live during the creation. You see, C. Moore kept singin' about masturbation and it was makin' me laugh.

Inter-slug: Interesting, well how about some of the other songs?

Figment: What other songs?

Inter-slug: Songs on the album...

Figment: What album?

Inter-slug: The album, "Join the Slugfest" by "The Electric Slugs."

Figment: Huh? Oh yea, well I like "Bob's in the Bathtub."

Inter-slug: So,... go on...

Figment: Well as I was sayin', before I so rudely interrupted myself, by the time "Bob's in the Bathtub" was created we had moved from the basement to the second floor--we was movin' up. Wally was in on the whole slug scene, but just wasn't around that day. I suppose he was pullin' his pud. So it was just Bob, C. Moore, and myself. I was playin' my drums in the spare bedroom, C. More and Bob were wandering around through the hall and bathroom. That's when I decided that I wanted to see someone play the bass guitar in the bathtub. So I started babbling like I was from West Philly "I wanna see someone play da bass guitar in da bathtub," repeatedly. The next thing I know C. More is adjusting the mirror on the bathroom door so that I can see him in the bathroom and Bob in the bathtub, and I'm kicking into a serious steady beat. We debated about over-dubbing in some searing lead guitar, but we decided that it wouldn't be cool. That was just the three of us jamming live, and Bob and C. More had traded off the job of vocals and bass guitar, and Bob was in the fuggin' bathtub. We were only using two mikes when we recorded; just two fugging mikes.

Inter-slug: Ok, well, I've found this interview quite enlightening, thanks for your time.

Figment: No problem mon, it's been fun, see you in the membrane.