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Meaning. What does meaning mean? A major aspect of the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment is the relationship between words and meaning. If you are at a total loss, you may want to check out the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. In the mean time, here is a view. We welcome your view, too.

Song #1 -- "You've Gotta Get There First"

First stanza:

Tell me where you're from, and I'll tell you where to go from here.

If you tell me where you are(on the path to finding "the meaning of life,") I would be more than happy to help get to the next milestone.

Stanza 2:

No matter how far, how close, or how near.

It does not matter if you are just taking your first "baby step," or if you are running right beside me, I will try to help you to the next plateau.

Stanza 3:

Ohhhh, I ...

My frustration lies with people that don't even try to walk.

Stanza 4:

The paths ahead are clear to see ... at least they appear that way to me.

What must be done to understand the meaning of life is so obvious, how about to you?

Stanza 5:

No matter which one that you choose, you can end up as a loser.

The particular path that you choose is not the important point ... but, still ... choose at least one path to venture down.

Stanza 6:

It's what you do on the path that counts ... not what you do on the way back.

It is your intention while on the path that counts. Don't worry about what will happen after you die(or after you make any decision for that matter), because...

Stanza 7:

You've gotta get there first !

Quit coming up with excuses. Quit looking at all the possible ramifications. Just do it !Stanza 8:

So, ya tripped...? So, ya slipped...? So, ya fell on your chin? Well, that's no reason to do it again.

So what if you fall down? There is no need to base your future on your own past mistakes.

Stanza 9:

Same old sin

The sad part of human nature is the repetition.

Stanza 10:

Tell me where you're from, and I'll tell you where to go from here.

Once again, a helping hand is being extended to you.

Stanza 11:

My place? My place is very, very near.

If you are scared or confused, I can show you how things look from my place... and, my place is very near.

Stanza 12:

Come with me, my dear... I'll show ya how it will be, with me !

I know you must be saying, "what is he talking about." So, please come with me. I will try to explain what "it" is that I am talking about.

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