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In response to the article and song called Chaos Is Love, (Also see: Show Me The....)

I received an email that said:

So, atheist are you.

This is my reply --


She said to me:
So, atheist are you.

To which I sighed:
Antithesis atheist,
I must insist...
'least that's what I try to do.

*You are what you eat?
Antithesis atheist,
Is what I digest,
Helps me keep the beat.

Join those you can not beat?
Antithesis atheist,
I suggest...
Should be life's soul/sole feat.

But... calling black, "white"
That just ain't right.

Despite believing in their Light,
Duty suggests getting it straight.
(Though, I ain't that bright,
I hope to gain insight.)

* repeat

Would you become,
The God you welcome?
Should you become One...
Then... we all will have won.

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