Whoa To Woe

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Whoa To Woe (MP3)


You make me sick,
When you act like this,
You make me sick,
When you're so thick.

When there's appreciation,
I don't mind the education,
But, when you act like it's my job,
You're just being an social slob...
Drooling on my soul,
Fouling my spirit,
What is your goal,
Are you anywhere near it?

You think ignorance is bliss,
Don't you care if your life's amiss?
You think it's OK to be a jerk,
Well, I'm hear to tell ya... "it doesn't work."
So, I can't...
Go on letting it slide,
Or trying to hide.
No, I can't...
Take anymore.
It's a war...
Until the fall of imbecile.
Give the dolt a jolt
Make him thoughtful.

Just say no to the
He can't stop us
Say whoa to woe (repeat)

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