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art = the ability/desire to react... and interact... to a stimulus?

and if there is no reaction/interaction... dare ye call it art?

so thanks to all who love or hate it.

this thought i try to keep in mind when returning "fan mail"

most of the time... our fans say stuph like this:

Wow!! You really are good....
-- Jenny

but once in a while, we get this:

from: dr. bo
email = banana pygmies
comments and questions = dude.... what. the. hell. i bet the 'in the house' guy still lives in his parents basement. this is the worst crap i've ever listened to. you are a dirty drugged up, tripped out, addicted, deranged, psychotic, virgin, retarded hippie who couldn't keep a beat if his life depended on it. i hope you choke on the whistle you used in 'its a riot'.

to which i replied:

dear dr.,

thank you for your inspiration:

What Is This Crap?

What is this crap?
Please don't tap,
Into my brain...
Does any remain?

Hate to have to think,
When I'm on the brink,
Of retardation.
That's my foundation.

What is this crap?
My ears lack,
Genius to hear,
No synapse is near.


What is this crap,
Fillin' the gap,
Between my ears?
Idiocy has no fears.


What is this crap,
You call rap?
I hope I choke,
As a nasty bloke.
Hate to have to think,
When I'm on the brink,
Of retardation.
My sole(soul) sensation.

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