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About This Song & Lyrics

A girl from England asked us about writing a song. We asked her what was important to her... what we should write about? Here's what happened:

Something that is probably special to you, like I have a huge crush on Charlie from Busted, but that would be a bit silly, but it could work if I didn't make it so obvious. And you could do something to tell people to live up to their dreams or something. Wow I didn't know i could do all this!
Luv Jenny

so i said:
hehehe... ok... now were havin' fun

the path i take... needs to be for the right reasons...
and must be FUN!

so... i have to go away today... but, i will be thinking about the song.

Busted Crush

ps what style of music do you like to sing?

she replied:
As I take singin' lessons at skool I have a wide variety to choose from I mainly like to sing pop like Christina Aguilera which I am doing at the moment, if that is classed as pop! I have done Dido, Vanessa Carlton, No Doubt. So mainly i would like to do pop.
Luv Jenny

i then returned an email:
pop it is...

here is a quick translation....

the song is about realizin' that your dream is coming true. yes! we all should have dreams... but how do you know when it starts coming true? what if it isn't an instant in time... but your dream comes true over time? and perhaps we should appreciate every moment of our dream?

Busted Crush

Shhh... hush!
Don't want my crush,
To be busted.
Nooooo, not into the limelight...

Gonna try with all my might,
Gonna try cuz it's right.
Don't ever let your dreams,
Be crushed,
Busted. (backing vocals repeat: crushed, busted)

Shhh... listen,
I've got a crush,
Love is Busted,
Yessssss... for this night,
I've lusted.


Hmmm... my position?
What a rush,
Illusion busted.
My dream is coming true,
Right before you.

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