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Though the future may appear misty,
If you take a look, you might see what it is,
We're going to cook.

Trends in technology.

Oh, gee. Gee whiz.
Don't know if,
I can pass this quiz.
That are the trends?
Will it ever end?

Trends in technology,
For you and me.

Look at me,
Coming to you,
Through... the microchip,
Can you hear the words,
As they roll over my lip.

Trends in technology.

Put the tiniest of electronics,
Into the smallest of places,
And, see what it brings,
To the peoples' faces.

Trends in technology,
Golly, gee.
What will become of you and me?

As the future collides,
With the here and the now,
Will we gain the know-how?

Trends in technology.

Gee whiz, I don't know if I can pass the quiz.
I'm doing my best to past the test.
Testing, testing. 1,2,3.
Trends in technology.

Trends in technology,
Look into the future,
What do you see?

... In Mind

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