Hints on Using a Browser

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  • Clicking on a highlighted word takes you to that page. You'll hear people talking about links, anchors, HREF and hotlinks.

    Turning the page back will depend on your viewer. (Hey! This would be a great time to try clicking on a link.) No matter what, you can always page-back to the main menu.

  • Think B4U "click" -- Nothin' worse than moving slooooooow. If your browser has the ability to show you the kind of file, look before you click ... wav = sound and could be slow ... or maybe your computer won't be able to reproduce it. The same holds true for avi and mpeg files.

  • SOUND If you happen to be running on a slower internet link (below a 28.8 modem or through a secondary internet source, such as Prodigy, AOL or Compuserve) you may want to think twice before clicking on sounds. To learn more about hearing sound, please click here.

  • VIDEO Video clips are usually in avi, quick time, or mpeg format and are almost always very large. Most Windows machines use avi and most Mac's use quick time. To learn more about video, please click here.

    Other Stuff

  • Make your way through forms faster by using your tab keys.

  • Print out the text pages on your printer. That way it is easier and quicker to read ... (at least the pages that interest you the most.)

  • Remember that the web pages are in a constant flux. The next time you visit will be different than this time.

  • When you turn the page, it gets loaded into your machine's memory. If you turn the page too fast, the page may appear distorted during your visit. (Because, your computer might keep the distorted page in its memory for "a while.")