I       News Custom Auto-Search & Delivery Services  
                (Using The Web’s Emerging Push-Pull Technology)
        II      Current News Sources
        III     Foreign News Sources
        IV      Global “Sit Reps” & Open Channel Intel Sources
        V       Searchable News Archives
        VI      First-Person At-Large Reports
        VII     The Crow’s Nest:  Future News
                A       Estimating the Future:  Futurists & Scenario Planning
                B       Fabricating the Future:  Think Tanks
                C       Alternative Benchmarks
                        1       Astrological Benchmarks
                        2       Calendrics
                        3       Clairvoyance
                        4       Membrane:  Resident Prognosticator
        VIII    Editorials, Commentary & Rants/Raves
        IX      Parallax


I News & Info Auto-Search/Auto-Delivery Services (Free)

        A       PointCast News
        B       BackWeb       
        C       AltaVista Live Topics

II      Current News    (Many free access and/or free e-subscriptions)

        A       Mercury News  
        B       San Jose Mercury News           
        C       New York Times
        D       CNN             ,  or
        E       MSNBC         
        F       NewsCom       
        G       Bloomberg News
        H       Wired          , and
                               , and
        I       Project Censored
        J       Amnesty International  
                                                ( +  /ailib/ , or , /news/ )
        K       Greenpeace    

III Foreign News Sources

        A       Foreign Language Software       
                (For Those In Need Of Translating Tools)
                1       MCB Systems             
        B       Foreign Press Agency Links      
        C       Foreign News Sources - Varietal
                1       InfoManage              
                2       WorldNews       
                3       China
                        a       Great China Web 
                        b       IHEP China Home
                        c       CBNet
                4       India
                        a       Indiaxs News            
                5       Japan
                        a       Gaijin Gleaner          
                6       Korea
                        a       Access Korea            
                7       Phillipines
                        a       Phillipine News         
                8       SouthEast Asia
                        a       CyberWay Links  
                9       Cyprus
                        a       Turkish Cypriot Press   

IV Open Channel Intelligence Sources & Global Situation Reports

The Best In Definitive, High Quality Intel Sources

        A       Sources Briefings     
        B       Open Source Solutions 
        C       Intelligence Newsletter         
        D       IntelWeb
        E       Tiger/SOF World Sit Rep 
        F       ERRI                  
        G       CAQ                   
        H       DOS Travel Advisories 
        I       DOD JTA C4I           
        J       United Nations DHA              
        K       FAS                   

V Searchable News Archives (Free unless otherwise indicated)

        A       New York Times 
                                                        ( or + /daily )
        B       Nexis                           
                (This is a high-end, high-priced database ICP - Internet 
                Content Provider - which was priced at $1,500 US annually 
                on our last inquiry... get it if you have the funds and 
                the research needs... its worth every penny)

VI First-Person At-Large Reports

A Southeast Asia (membraner’s homepage)

VII The Crow’s Nest: Future News

A Estimating and Accomodating the Future: Futurists

                1       Club of Rome  
                2       Foresight Institute
                3       Institute Futures
                4       World Future Society
                5       Millenium Matters       htttp://
                6       Year2000      

        B       Planning and Pre-Fabricating the Future:        Think Tanks

                1       Global Business Network
                2       Jet Propulsion Lab              
                3       Sandia Lab                      
                4       Brookhaven National Lab
                5       Rand Corporation                
                6       Los Alamos

        C       Alternative Benchmarks

                        1       Astrological Benchmarks - Guidelines
                                a       By Martha Howell
                        2       Calendrics
                                a       Wall Street Master Cycles
                                b       Time Wave Zero
                                c       Mayan Calendar
                                d       Astrological Benchmarks - Detail
                        3       Clairvoyance & Clairvoyants
                                a       Edgar Cayce
                                b       Nostradamus
                        4       Membrane:  Resident Prognosticator
                                a       Martha Howell

VIII Editorials, Commentary, Rants, Raves & Broad-Band Alerts

A Membraners

                1       Wired-LiquidAudio-GBN incest
                2       Data conditioning standard telephone 2-wire lines
                3       Richardson vs United States:  The federal budget?  
                        Shaddup: its none of your business!
                4       SRI International:  From Stanford University Research 
                        facility, to government and military intelligence 
                        sponsored psychic research, to - of course - the
                        Web’s unofficial systemic Sys Adm.
                5       The Army War College (Carlysle PA) sends advanced 
                        degree candidates to the NYC HRA Department to 
                        inquire at length about the potential public reaction 
                        to welfare and social program cutbacks.   Hm.
                6       Real History:  American Heritage - The securities 
                        industry pre-dates the US constitution... guess where 
                        the American value system originates.
                7       The Gilded Age:  Who did whom - the industrial giants 
                        and the birth of governmental/military/intel community 
                        relationships with business and industry.  A series of 
                        articles which assiduously corrects the inequities
                        of the conventional “customized” versions of mistold 
                        history.  Verifiable.

IX Parallax

        There’s virtual reality  (you can buy it cheap), 
        There’s news media reality  (the most convoluted reality), 
        There’s real reality  (the most elusive reality -  that’s 
                why we have the other ones), 
        Then there’s the other one... perhaps primordial and forgotten... 
                perhaps contrived out of boredom or agitated ambivalence
        Like the lost memories of a person who was orphaned in their youth
        Veiled memories re-emerge as undeniably as the need for food and
        The need to know our collective identity is no less powerful than that 
                of the individual
        From tribalism, to nationalism, to globalism, to.... universalism.
        Maybe globalization, manifesting materially in the past eight years, 
                is an irrepressible manifestation of this primordial search 
                for our collective identity on a scale has long laid dormant
        Maybe we have capabilities from  a lost past that we didn’t bother to 
                document for the press or posterity
        Maybe the conventions of history are fundamentally wrong
        Maybe human potential has been explored before
        Maybe.... nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay. So here’s our best crack at the other reality, using virtual reality, media reality, and alot of other resources that probably defeat at least half
of that intention. Hey... its all we have right now.

A The Strangeness Index

                This model and definition offer guidelines explaining why 
                we have difficulty seeking out, identifying and accepting the 
                truth, then taking action which is consistent with modified 
                beliefs and new reality paradigms.

                1       Definition
                2       Model
                3       Strangeness Index Correllaries in the field of Physics

        B       High Quality, Definitive Resources

                1       UFOs
                        a       Above Top Secret        Tim Good        Book
                2       Psionics
                        a       Mind Reach              Russell Targ, Phd, et al        
                        b       Mind Race                       “       
                        c       Mind Wars                       “         "     
                3       Radionics
                        a       SEI                     Tom Bearden                                     b       Tesla: Man Out Of Time                                          4
Reliable Authorities
                        a       Jacques Vallee
                                The French scientist portrayed in Close 
                                Encounters.  He’s real, and now he's a
                                Venture Capitalist.  There you go:  chaos
                                and convergence.
                        b       Stanton Friedman
                                Nuclear physicist and researcher/investigator:  
                                self aggrandizing but dead on
                        c       Bruce MacAbee, Phd
                                Optics& Laser physicist, researcher/investigator, 
                                and former consultant to the US Navy’s ONI  
                                (Office of Naval Intelligence - more about them
                        d       Russell Targ, Phd
                                Quantum physicist and leader of SRI’s psychic 
                                experiments sponsored by the US government and 
                                intelligence community
                        e       Kieth Harrary, Phd
                                Master shrink and cohort to Russell Targ
                        f       Harold Puthoff, Phd
                                Quantum biologist and cohort to Russell Targ

5 Government, Military and Intel Community Projects


                6       Private Projects/Programs

                        a       OSIR
                        b       SRI International

        C       Membraners Two Cents

                1       Doc’s Pine Bush Photos and Text