Free For All

Freedom Test

What is freedom all about?

If you can score an A (equal to, or greater than, 90% correct), you could win the right to invoke your freedom of speech and write -- write on our Wall Of Fame.

  1. Who said, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"?

  2. At Woodstock, who sang the song, Freedom?

  3. What country did the first man to "break free of the Earth's gravity" come from?

  4. Was his name:
    a) Shepard
    b) Glenn
    c) Yuri
    d) Armstrong
    e) answers b & d

  5. Who sang, "I wanna fly like an eagle... til I'm free"?
    a) Collective Soul
    b) Industrial Noize Pollution
    c) Steve Miller
    d) Pink Floyd
    e) None of the above

  6. Who said, "There is no such thing as a free lunch"?

  7. Was he:
    a) an Economist
    b) a Street Vendor
    c) a Chef
    d) a President
    e) None of the above

  8. In what city was the Declaration Of Independence written?

  9. Who wrote the song, "This Land Is Your Land"?

  10. Would you rather have a government that rules, or one that serves? Why? Which is the United States of America?

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