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Most Useful Legal Resources on the Web

The US Federal Courts Home Page. This site lists the BBS telephone numbers and Web addresses for each of the U.S. District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal and many state courts.

The US Code Page. The complete USC online. Everything is entirely text searchable.

The Legal Information Institute. Sponsored by Cornell University Law School, this site is an excellent database of all sorts of legal information.

The US Supreme Court Site. This site, sponsored by Cornell University, lists all of the Supreme Court's opinions shortly after they are handed down. The database extends back to 1990.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal Online. The 11th Circuit Court's opinions available online. Everything is text searchable.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal Online. Text searchable.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal Online. Text searchable.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeal Online. Text searchable.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Text searchable.

Florida Statutes. Searchable.

The Center for Corporate Law. Sponsored by the University of Cincinnati, this site provides information about corporate law.

The House of Representatives Law Library. Contains the full text of pending legislation and congressional testimony. Also contains a many federal legal resources.

The Indiana University School of Law. An extensive subject based index of law related topics.

Patent Search Service. A service to text search through patents for specific information. Contains all patents issued since 1994.

Other Recommended Legal Resources

West's Legal Directory Online. A directory of almost every single firm and lawyer in the US. Includes phone numbers, addresses, etc.

University of Maryland's Trout. A legal resource with links to sites addressing about 50 different categories of legal information available online.

Copyright Law. A collection of US copyright law related resources assembled by the University of Virgina.

The Advertising Information Site. A resource concerning advertising regulations and laws.

Lexis Counsel. The Lexis Counsel Connect law links.

The Master Law Directory. A directory of law firms as well as other legal information available on the Internet.

The Seamless Web Site. A site that has links to various legal resources and sells space to law firms and law-related service providers for advertising purposes.

Wiretap. A source of international law documents such as The Constitution, The Basic Law of Hong Kong, and NAFTA. The documents are located under Government Docs../World Constitutions.

WestLaw Online. West Publishing Company's WestLaw on the net. At the "Which Host?" prompt enter "westlaw".

The US Patent and Trademark Office. The government page containing information on patents and trademarks.

Thomas. Legislative information on the Internet.

Information Law Alert. An electronic newsletter, published 20 times a year, covering court disputes, legal developments, and major regulatory battles that affect the development of telecommunications and information technology.

Miscellaneous Sites Interest to Lawyers On the Web

Webster's Dictionary. A searchable index to the classic dictionary.

The Zip Code Directory. A gopher searchable directory of zip codes across the country.

The IRS Home Page. An automated service provided by the IRS, which provides downloadable IRS tax forms and answers questions regarding tax returns.

The Weather Net. A site with links to weather forecasts throughout the world, satellite maps, and hurricane advisories.

McKinley's Internet Directory. An online guide to the Web containing a one to four-star rating system for grading upwards of 25,000 Web sites.


      University of Arkansas School of Law (WWW)

University of California, Santa Barbara - Law Menu (gopher)
University of Southern California Law Library (Telnet)
Rutgers-Camden School of Law
Case Western Reserve University Law School
Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in E. Europe
University of Chicago Law School
Cleveland State University Law Library (WWW)
Includes the CSU Law Library Gopher
Columbia Law Library catalog
This database contains a subset of Columbia Law School's online card catalog.
Columbia Law School index to Hispanic legislation
This database contains an experimental data set provided by the Library of congress to Columbia Law School. The data contained in this data set is an index to the hispanic legislation.
Cornell Law School Gopher
Cornell Law School and the Legal Information Institute's WWW Server
Includes U.S. Copyright Law, the Uniform Commercial Code, NASDAQ Finance Execut ive Journal and other important resources.
Disability Information
Documents and Newsletters from the Electronic Frontier
EDGAR Dessimination Project - SEC Filings
EcuaNet (Ecuador) - Law Menu
Environmental Law
Several archives of International Environmental Laws
ERIN - Environmental Resources Information Network
Fedworld (telnet)
Florida State University College of Law (WWW)
Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington
Includes the Federal Communications Law Journal, the Global Legal Studies Journal, and LawTalk - Internet Radio Legal Shorts
Lund University (Sweden) - Law Menu
University of Massachusetts Department of Legal Studies
University of Montreal Law Gopher - English Version
University of Montreal Law Gopher - French Version
MSEN - Law Menu
Multilateral Treaties (from Fletcher School of Diplomacy, Tufts University)
Murdoch University, Australia - Law Menu
North Carolina State University - Government and Law Topics
Northwestern University Law and Politics Book Review
Records of clerkship application requirements for U.S. courts
Rice University - Government, Political Science and Law
Saint Louis University Law Library
Texas A&M - Law Menu
The Law Faculty of University of Tromsø: Institutt for Rettsvitenskap (IRV)
Uniform commercial code
Copyright 1978, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992 by The American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws; reproduced, published and distributed with the permission of the Permanent Editorial Board for the Uniform Commercial Code for the limited purposes of study, teaching, and academic research.
United Nations Justice Network (UNCJIN)
US Patent Office
About 2 weeks of patent applications at the US Patent Office
US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court decisions in full text updated nightly
University of Utah
Villanova Law School
University of Waikato, New Zealand, School of Law (WWW)
University of Warwick`s Law Technology Centre
University of Warwick`s Law Technology Centre (Gopher)
Telnet connection to the Washburn University Law School
(Login as username WASHLAW when connected.)
Washington & Lee University
Washington & Lee University, Netlink Server
Washington and Lee Law Library


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