Glistening Old Farts

The record label dedicated to resurrecting bands from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Many of our favorite bands were milked for everything they had by the music industry. Their life -- their very soul -- was squashed out. We would like to try and help pump it back in.


  • distribute their old, but good stuph ... for sale on the 'net
  • incorporate old and new material into our multi-media thingie
  • record "handcrafted" covers of their songs

    The Goal

  • keep the art in artist
  • financial assistance to artists that have been "robbed"
  • have sum phun


    Can you help us?

    Sure, we know the traditional way ... agents and managers, but we would rather deal with people.
    Anyone interested in joining on should,
    email webdrone