Demo Reviews

by Geoff Wilbur

On 11-track "Inhabit My Heart," vocalist/violinist/keyboardist Valerie Vigoda (104 E. 17th St., NY, NY 10003) displays her exceptionally beautiful vocals (and songs). A warm, powerful soundtrack love song may be the perfect way to introduce Valerie to the general public, but once she has their attention, it won't be soon lost. Personally, I think the ideal venue to see Valerie would be an intimate dinner club.

"Throw Your Stones" is a 2-song demo from ideology (cpo 2471, Wheaton, IL 60187), reportedly seeking a Christian label deal. "Dc3" is that catchy, smooth, soaring style of alterna-power pop/rock you just can't ignore, while "Hisega" sports a slightly more British pop feel.

Wirehead (Camelot 99, 31008 Barrington, Westland, MI 48185) delivers "Of Course I'm Angry, an, uh, angry collection of four songs. "Heavens in Chaos" screams for attention, but it's the often-brooding spoken parts (unique to this track among the four) that draw the listener in. "Junkman" and "I Bet You" follow in the same loud, angry, effectively conceived vein, while "Quit" adds a monster, funky groove.

Misery Index (1009 Davis #27, Evanston, IL 60201) unleashes "The Power of 3," a punk-inspired, catchy, messy, always light speed 4-song demo. "Autospasm" sucks you in with its melodic overtones. "Junkhouse" is rougher and rawer. "Drown" returns to the raw, slashing, catchy melodies. "6th Finger" is purely frantic.

Jackson, MI country singer/songwriter Ron Hyden (Castle Records, United Artists Tower, Suite 201, Nashville, TN 37203) dishes up "How Many Teardrops Must Fall," a 4 song cassette of country originals. Old school, soft, heartfelt "Tired Ole' Cowboy" shares the tape with up-tempo, catchy boot-tapper "I'm Making Plans for a Heartache." Ron's very versatile!

- Geoff Wilbur