Dance Dance Revolution

by Dé Gabster & Co.
written by kids for kids... of all ages

Dance Dance Revolution is a great game for dancers of all ages. It's very complicated, but when you get used to it you will become an expert. There are 3 levels -- light, standard, and heavy. So, if you are not very good, you can start out on light. It never gets boring! You can unlock songs while upgrading your skills. There are many different types of DDR. The ones I have are DDR Max 2, DDR, and DDR Supernova.

Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 is an upgraded version of DDR. You can play on versus (with a friend), single or double (when one person uses 2 mats). DDR Max 2 has 6 levels -- beginner, light, standard, heavy, non-stop (when the songs randomly keep on playing), and challenge. DDR isn't only for kids. There is a workout mode that times you or tells you how many calories you burned. Also, there is a tutorial for beginners. Some of my favorite songs are Hysteria, Dream A Dream, and Kind Lady. You can also unlock songs and people to dance on the screen with you.

Dance Dance Supernova is one of the newest DDRs. They have a variety of songs Freckles, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Heaven Is a Place on Earth, Dance Dance, True Love, Centerfold, Come Clean and many more. If you want my opinion, I like Supernova the most.

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