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Increasing revenue isnít just a competitive advantage anymore. Itís a necessity. The question now is how to get it done quickly without blowing your budget.

Regardless of your companyís size or needs, there is a solution that will increase your Net Profits. You will get proven results and resolutions from an industry leader.

If your newspaper needs to increase revenue, is contemplating a major change or has specific consulting needs, maximize your results by utilizing Chashís experience in these areas:

  • Nontraditional Revenue Sources
  • Front-end System Analysis, Recommendations, Design, Conversion, & Trouble-shooting
  • New Media/Internet Profitable Business Models
  • Recruiting Sales Managers/Directors & Executives
  • Transforming "ad-takers" into a "proactive, goal-oriented sales force"
  • Sales Training, Top-Down Selling
  • Department Restructuring
  • Revenue & Cost Analysis
  • Acquisition, Start-up & Launch of new products/divisions
  • Redesign & Standardization of Section Layout and Rate Cards
  • In-house & Multi-media Promotions
  • Sales Strategies in Highly Competitive Markets
  • Market, Rate and Zoning Analysis
  • Building Alliances/Partnerships
  • Career Fairs
  • Budgeting, Staffing

"Keep doing the same thing you're doing,
and you'll end up in the same place you are"