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Computers and Business Efficiency

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Any person who wants to profit from the use of technology in his/her business, should consider learning about computers and the importance of them as an integral part of business systems.

Below are 10 points that can help you to become more efficient in the use and care of your computer(s).

These tips are designed for PC users. That is, computers running Windows 95, 98, or 2000.

  1. It is best to buy a computer that has expansion capability, so that you can upgrade the machine's performance and increase it's utility as your business grows.
  2. Computers running Windows 95, 98, or 2000 should go through a regular maintenance routine. These functions are already built-in to the operating system.
  3. Proper "Power Surge" protection should be utilized to protect your equipment from power outages and surges.
  4. Register all hardware to take advantage of manufacturer's warranties.
  5. All computer equipment and storage media should be kept away from magnetic field sources, such as TV's and microwaves.
  6. Remove unwanted software by it's "Uninstall" feature when appropriate.
  7. Weigh the costs and benefits of implementing software packages that can help streamline your business, such as, fax software, spreadsheets, e-mail, databases, etc....
  8. The updating of virus software should happen a minimum of once every month. Click here for an example of virus protection software.
  9. Connecting to the Internet through any type of connection should only be done in concert with a provider who will work with you on security measures.
  10. Web browsing should be done with all "java" and "cookies" disabled in the browser's "Preferences".

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