all music & lyrics written live
c. 1995


like, warning, dude...these songs appear in random order...

scratch patch / join the free association
(3 cooks in a kitchen)

sad & blue (sleeping with your brother) (1.32MB)
(2 stokers in front of the fire)

actual dancing
(a couple dancin' on the neighbor's ceiling)

parallel world
don't let the darkside in
(2 astral travelers & a stone mason)

the arrival
(2...well, then 3)

funky sort-a-thing (.22M)
(3 funksters in philly)

long legs
(by the sounds of it, the whole Salvation Army Band)

(the brothers three and a couple monkeys)

last of the Americans
(3 of the last)

mr. U mann (.17M)
(4 want-a-be rasta men)