AO North America Trauma and Fracture Care Travel Preceptorship

(Brief Travel Fellowship For North American Practicing Surgeons)

Basic Aims

This Preceptorship will provide a practicing North American certified Orthopaedic, Maxillofacial, Spine, or Veterinary Surgeon with the opportunity to improve or refine his/her skills in fracture care. This will be done at an approved AO Center or with an AONA member.


The Preceptorship will provide round-trip economy airfare for the individual as well as living expenses while participating in the Preceptorship -- total reimbursable expenses shall not exceed $5000.00.

The applicant will be responsible for contacting the Preceptor he/she wishes to work with and designing a program to accommodate his/her needs. These needs and objectives must be outlined and submitted along with the application form and details as to how the Preceptorship will be accomplished. The application should then be approved by the Preceptor the applicant will be visiting with, and subsequently submitted, along with the expected dates of the Preceptorship, to AO North America for final approval. The applicants' current CV should also be included with the application. Upon completion of the Preceptorship, the participant should submit original receipts for travel and living expenses to AO North America for reimbursement. When submitting receipts, please indicate how the reimbursement check should be endorsed.


The physician is asked to return the completed application form, along with the appropriate supporting documentation to:

AO North America
P. O. Box 308
Devon, PA 19333-0308
Fax: 610-251-9059

Application for Trauma and Fracture Care Travel Preceptorship