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The Homeowner's Guidelines apply to the standard condition in most homes built by Michael Anthony Homes. To remain current with the industry, we may substitute materials or change the procedures we use in constructing your home. Please note that should this occur or if you have purchased a custom option in your new home, the information below may not apply. If you have any questions, please send your inquiry to our Customer Service Department. The address is:

Customer Service Department
Michael Anthony Homes
505 1/2 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

For Your Information
Most of the materials utilized in the construction of new homes go through a curing or drying stage. As this common process takes place, your new home will settle and there may be some minor cracks - especially most cases, the cracks are not structural and easy to repair. The links below will provide you with information on how to best deal with this normal settlement and shrinkage process, in addition to other important facts about your new home.

For more detailed information on what is covered in your Homeowner Warranty, please refer to the Warranty Guidelines Directory.


Michael Anthony Homes will warrant your new home for a period of one year from the date of your settlement. We warrant against all major structural defects which result from defective materials or workmanship. The categories we have listed here will give you more detail concerning these warranty issues. If, after visiting these links, you still have a question, please send your inquiry to Customer Service Department, Michael Anthony Homes, 505 1/2 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444

Most material used in new construction goes through a curing or drying stage. As this inevitable process occurs, your home will settle and cracks may occur, especially where two different building materials join. fortunately, these cracks are very seldom structural in nature and most are easy to repair. For tips on how you can repair many of these situations, please refer to the Caring for your Home Directory.

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This is a short excerpt from the Warranty Booklet given to you with your selections that outlines our procedure for reporting a service item. Please make a concerted effort to read through your Warranty Booklet and familiarize yourself with our entire warranty policy. You may also view the warranty procedure and guidelines here on our web site: Caring for your Home Directory and Warranty Guidelines.

  1. Although there is a tendency to call about service items as soon as they are discovered, we ask that you do not do this unless it is of an emergency nature.
  2. An emergency exists if the safety of your home or family is in immediate danger. Many situations can be controlled without taking emergency measures by utilizing the separate plumbing cut-off valves at your fixtures or in the basement or the electrical circuit breakers located in your home. Please familiarize yourself with their locations now in case an emergency ever arises.
  3. If you do experience an emergency during normal business hours, contact our Customer Service Department at 610-825-3435, Ext. 336. If you have an emergency at night or on the weekend, please leave a message on the Customer Service Department's voice mail. It is checked periodically and a representative of our company will get back to you.
  4. We have found that it is best if you accumulate a list of items as you become accustomed to your new home. Submit them, in writing, to our office so we can attend to them in an organized manner. This will cause you less disturbance and allow us to serve you and your neighbors better. We accept one list of warranted items approximately 45 to 90 days after you have settled your home. For your convenience, you may print out a copy of this form: Forty Five Day List printable form or complete it on-line: Email Forty Five Day List. Toward the end of the first year in your home, please let us know in writing of any warranty items that still need attention and we will contact you for an inspection of these items.
  5. We would ask that you please do not report service items to sales or field personnel.

All request for service should be sent in writing to:
Customer Service Department
505 1/2 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

Requests may be faxed to:
Customer Service

A copy of your request will be placed in your warranty file and another copy will be sent to the job superintendent to make an appointment with you to go over your repair list. The service request will be monitored until it is completed.

Work orders should be completed within a 30 to 45 day period after the item has been inspected by a representative of our company and a work order has been issued. If a replacement item has to be ordered, it could take longer. Please feel free to call our Customer Service Department if your work orders are not completed within this time frame and we will be happy to give you an update.

Welcome to our community and may you enjoy your new home.

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