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What is the Membrane Domain?

A viewer from India was interacting with us about some of the experiments, and asked a FAQ:

I'm not all that 'net-savvy' and not too familiar with social movements in the West (or in the East, for that matter). I read a few pages of the intro to the '' site but couldn't really understand how the site came to exist and how it is being supported. (I do not mean 'support' in terms of monitory input).

My wife and I have been thinking seriously about how to live our lives in a meaningful way and we've launched a social group called ' force_1. sociocultural initiatives Fro '. Our first project, ( a very unassuming one ) is a banana bio-farm project with 68 saplings right now four months old. We've managed to keep them growing without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Our second project, in collaboration with the Regional Cancer Research Centre is an early cancer detection camp in town which is free for all is scheduled.

Wonder if the people behind the site share the same philosophy (if you could call it 'philosophy') of life as we do. And, I wonder who this 'help desk' really is?

We replied:
Thank you for your interest. Does force_1. sociocultural initiatives have a website? We'd love to learn more. From what we can tell, The Membrane does share the same philosophy.

We've tried putting our philosophy on the Internet since 1994, but have yet to find the right words. You may have seen The Welcome Page c. 1994, Think Tank c. 1995, Hello Page c. 1997 or "My" Philosophy. Here is one of our more recent attempts

In general, the site came to exist during the dawning of the world wide web. It started with two people getting together. At that point, you might say it became a social movement.

When it came to monetary input, the philosophy has always been -- "try to have fun doing the right thing."

From there, we started a publishing division. The philosophy of the publishing division has always been -- "the viewer comes first." (Find out more about our business philosophy.)

Since this new media known as the www was a much more evolved form of interactive publishing, the line between the publisher and the audience became harder to differentiate. In affect, the two sides combined creating a much larger entity. That seems to be the way this social movement went from breathing, to crawling, to walking... to running. You might say we are viewer supported!

Does this help explain it any better?

In any event, we would love to collaborate with you. Your projects sound wonderful.

The Help Desk

ps About "who is behind the help desk?" Well, now that you have helped interact with this social group... I suppose that makes you part of the help desk? Heehe.