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We're in need,
Of the princess,
Shirley Peoples,
Princess Of The People,
Who hopes to show,
The peoples of the world,
That peoples,
Isn't plural,
That all,
Are people of the world,
And, when their story's told,
About the days of old,
They'll be known,
As one and the same --
Homo sapien.

They will elect us,
As descendents,
Of Homo erectus,
And, in the dictionary,
Our depiction,
Next to the description,
For "hairless ape."

Kind-of scary?
Or, am I alone?

There'll be case studies,
On why...
We left our home,
In hideous shape,
They'll try to see,
Why we,
With merriment,
And, glee...
Polluted the sky,
Uprooted each tree,
And, spoiled the sea.

They'll try n' understand,
Why peoples from every land,
Didn't listen to their princess,
Shirley Peoples?

Surely, peoples,
We can come together,
On the fact of the matter,
That all that matters,
Is we agree,
On whether,
All peoples are people?

Are you part of people?
And, how about me?

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