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You know,
Al B. Gaugn?

I've heard it said,
Al B. Gaughn,
Before he's dead,
"I'll be gone,
Before too long,
I'd better play for keeps,
With the weeks,
I've been given,
I'd better pray for keeps,
That I keep on livin',
As is turns to was...
I'll be gone,
So, here I go!"

"I'll be gone."
     -- Al B. Gaughn,

"Before too long."
     -- Al B. Gaughn,

"The days will pass away,
And, so will I,
But, until I die,
I have a say,
In the way,
I spend the day,
So, until the day I pass away,
I'll cherish every moment,
I'm present...
'cause 'fore too long,
I'll be gone!"
     -- Al B. Gaughn

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