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I got to thinking about unpublishing
and the www
how it is kinda like a sponge
you can stick your finger in to it
but... when you are done, it goes back to its original shape

isn't there was a special word for that?

(or, perhaps... how a homing pigeon flies back to its roost?
maybe even how you always end up fitting back into your home at the end of the day... it's your "natural" shape)

anyhoo, when i went looking, i found these two articles:
Nokia Smart Materials
MIT Shape Memory Research

wow! what great uses for Shape Memory Polymers (SMP)

well... er,a... on the one hand. sure, recycling is nice.
and, tying perfect sutures is even better.

but, what if you don't want "it" to go back to its original shape?

or, you don't want it to change shape right now?

for instance, what if someone thought it was funny to disassemble your cell phone... or maybe everyone within a 1/2 mile radius... or something?

hmmm... it is very interesting.

and, I suppose shape memory is a lot like changing a history book...
how about the bible?

some people have tried to change it... but over time it appears to be returning to its original form --
historical fact


If it's...
smashed, wrecked, or whacked,
It'll just keep coming back.

Some things you just can't undo,
Like the things you've done,
And, when you're done your run,
Your history will define you.

Hitler tried burning books,
Madonna kept changing her looks,
But, you can not just alter a fact,
Nor, take a simple quotation back.
That's that.
No matter where you're at.

So, sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear,
Sooo sorry, however I fear,
There's nothing I can do,
To make undone,
You life's run.

History has shape memory,
If you...
Smash, wreck, or whack,
It'll just keep coming back.
If you...
Ravish, crush or crack,
It'll just keep coming back.

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