My Favorite Place

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One-man-band instrumentation: vocals, keyboards, 6-string electric guitar, flute


It's such a magnificent place,
Such a splendid space,
Between the land and the sky,
Is where I love to lie,
Between the sea and the air,
Ahhh... you'll often see me there.

It's my favorite place...
Amongst the human race,
I love the song,
I love the dance,
What better circumstance,
To engage in romance?

It's the sun's greatest satellite,
Just hope we can make it through another night,
The universe's crowning jewel,
To bad we play the part of the fool.
Don't you like being on Earth's face?
I can not lie... for I sure do,
And, I'd find it hard to believe... that you don't too?
So, on the eve of our self destruction,
Please take a moment... for reflection.

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