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Red, White And Mostly Blue

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It's a shame,
He came,
But, did not see,
Just conquered.

It's a shame,
Soooo lame,
He continues to be,

It's a shame,
Can't tame,
Every country...
So, our values,
He'll squander,
Bringing on the blues,
With his frontpage news.

Woe is me,
And, my country,
Woe, woe is me,
And, anyone wanting to be free,
Woe, woe... completely.

You say, "Oh, no!
It can't be true,"
Cause you know,
It'll make you blue.

You say, "Oh my God!
What have we done?"
Handing over good,
To an evil one.

You say, "What can I do,
To help you?"
Contemplate our fate...
For the message they send,
Is -- "Bring on our end."

A ruptured rapture,
A complete disaster,
A selfish agenda,
That'll mean... the end of ya,
They're mean... the end of us,
That'll mean... the end of ya,
They're mean... the end of U.S.

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